Pubs on 291 Bus Line

This line is operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB). A journey planner is here.

Brewdog  Full menu Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2023

Walk from the main entrance of Central Station through the IJ passage towards the IJ. In the same place as Little Delirium (closed) Beautiful view over the IJ

Cafe Kobalt  Full menu Live Music WiFi available Open 11am or earlier New entry in the Guide in 2019

Bright corner pub with some interesting beers.

Café Zilt  Closed Monday Closed Tuesday New entry in the Guide in 2018

Whiskey Bar with a decent beer selection.

A healthy dose of Swinkels beers but also interesting guests. Live jazz on Sundays. It is up a flight of stairs from street level so look up when you get the address. Reservations are recommend if you want to eat, especially on weekends.

Original tap room for De Praal

On Platform 2b at Centraal Station, an Art Nouveau restaurant with Heineken & Brand Beer, for a last one before leaving.

The Eleventh Commandment -- eat drink and be merry. Now part of the Gollem chain

Waterfront Amsterdam  Full menu WiFi available Closed Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday Specializes in Belgian Beers

Waterfront Amsterdam & Delirium Bar is the new name for the Delirium Bar

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