Welcome to An Amsterdam Beer Guide. It is "A" beer guide rather than "The" beer guide because it in no way intended to be comprehensive. It is a "curated" site, which just means these are the pubs that a couple of beer geeks happen to like. We have one focus with this guide. That is craft beer, and nothing else. The aim of this guide is largely to assist the beer traveller with finding the best craft beers in the best places around Amsterdam

Who is this site for?

We've designed the site with the craft beer tourist in mind, but it is also just as useful for locals who want to find the best craft beers and the best places to enjoy them in. Irrespective of whether you're a local, or are in Amsterdam on a dedicated beer trip, or you are in town for other reasons (business, family trip, etc.) and just want to try some good craft beers, our pub guide will help you find the best places.

Navigation and general notes

You can browse our database by name or geographical area and eventually by points of interest. Each name is shown as it appears on the signage.
Many pubs in Amsterdam have a serious shortage of bar staff and may open later or even be closed some weekdays.


We'll try to keep you up to date with new pubs opening and existing pubs closing (or being downgraded) in our news section.

About us

Groteflis lives in the Netherlands and is our resident expert on Dutch beer.

Fred Waltman 1954-2023 
It is with great sadness that I inform you that Fred passed away on 31-05-2023. He lived in Los Angeles, and was the IT guy behind this site and its sister guides. You could follow him on twitter as @fredwaltman. 

While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible, things are forever changing so we can't guarantee everything on this site is up-to-date. We're just doing the best we can.

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